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We partner with organizations & governments to transform lives with direct cash assistance & more.

Family that received direct cash assistance from Steady Impact.Family that received direct cash assistance from Steady Impact.
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Technology Harnessed for Hope

Getting funds where they’re needed, now. We are program design experts and passionate-movement builders that will support you every step of the way.


A 99.8% payment success rate every month.


Over 700,000 recipients & growing daily.


Over $115 million paid out to participants to date.

Participants First

We create user-friendly applications that allow participants to submit documentation and verify their information in less than 30 minutes. We provide payment options to meet every participant’s needs.

Family of three submitting documentation verifying their information.
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Easy Admin

We make applications, verification, and enrollment seamless. We lift the administration burden of getting payments out the door, so you can focus on what matters most.

Hear participant stories firsthand

Measurable Impact

We help you understand the holistic effect that direct cash has on participant’s lives. We go beyond tracking how money is spent — and offer ways to uncover real, firsthand impact for the people you serve.

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Empathy Meets Efficiency

We streamline eligibility and enrollment through one best-in-class platform.

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Case Study
Case Study

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